Witnesses to Hunger CT Photo Exhibit


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In late 2015, nine organization/agencies throughout the state joined forces to organize Witnesses to Hunger CT, a photovoice project to support the sharing of stories through the photographs of residents to bring visibility to the everyday struggles many encounter trying to make ends meet. In total 15 witnesses were recruited and generously shared their lives, the results of which are highlighted in the following pages.

The photos and corresponding quotes are divided into the overarching themes that resonated from the Witnesses; the need for increased supports for food and nutrition, health and wellness, for adequate and respectful shelter, affordable and accessible transportation and a path to advocacy. It is our hope that these powerful images and words will reinforce the need for substantial policy change to ensure health, success, and hope for our all of our neighbors.

Witnesses to Hunger is a project of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities at the Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health. Witnesses is working to build a movement where people with first-hand experience of hunger and poverty can share their expertise and find strategies to address those struggles, through policy-level change.

Connecticut communities represented in this project include: Amston, Bridgeport, Hartford, Hebron, Manchester, New Haven, New London, Westport, & Woodbridge.