We stand up, so those in need can sit down. That’s what it means to make room at the table. At EHC! we stand up and speak out. And we need your help to advocate and ensure CT residents in need of food assistance can and do get it.

You can be an anti-hunger advocate

  1. Educate yourself and others! Look at the following resources to better aquaint yourself with current hunger, poverty and SNAP benefits. We have also included guides to navigating the Connecticut General Assembly, contacting your legislators, and staying up to date on current legislative actions.

      * We have chosen two great resources from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that can help you advocate for SNAP benefits when CT and Federal policies need your voice. Please feel free to use the State by State Fact Sheets with information on who benefits from SNAP and its role in the economy, as well as the SNAP Chart Book which describes in detail and with infographics the major characteristics, trends and data available on SNAP program administration and use.
      * Here is our guide to the Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) website that shows how to find a bill, your legislators, schedules for committees, and even how to testify at hearings for proposed legislation! Guide_to_CGA
      * Find your CT legislators with these up to date resources – CT House Legislators Contact Info 2017
      CT Senate Legislators Contact Info 2017
      * Bookmark our Legislative Action Center page to keep up to date on actions you can take at both the state and federal levels: Legislative Action Center
      * Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter here AND read recent ones as well: Newsletter Sign-Up

  2. Call, e-mail or write your Federal Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, State Senators and State Representatives. Let our Legislators know what it is that concerns you. Legislators always appreciate hearing from, and being kept informed by, constituents – that’s you!Here are some suggestions:

      * Talk to the Representatives about hunger in your community.
      * Ask them not to cut the programs that help the hungry – any cut or added cost to low-income people will affect their ability to buy food.
      * Urge them to support increased funding and increased awareness of the problem of hunger in Connecticut – including the access to food stamps and other federal food programs.
      * Make sure to thank him or her for their time.

  3. Write a letter to the editor in your local paper. One of the best ways to get your point across is to write a letter to the editor. Many people in your community read the letters and yours has the potential to create real substantive change!
    * Letters to the Editor should be short and to the point. The letter does not have to relate to a story that was recently published in the paper, just relate to what is going on in your community.
    * Look at the Editorial page in your newspaper and you will find what you need to know to get your thoughts sent to the paper. As a general rule, newspapers need your full name, address and phone number to ensure they can contact you.
    * Don’t forget to send a letter to your local weekly paper. Lots of people read them, and are very interested in what’s going on in their specific community.Let them know!
  4. Talk to everyone you know! Attend local events and engage with local radio shows.
    * Engage radio announcers in what’s going on these days. The more there is talk about the issues – the more attention is paid to them.
    * At home or at events like a fair, at a parade, or community events are all great places to talk to people about the hunger and poverty issues in our state! You can meet your elected public officials and tell them what’s on your mind.
    *Build the buzz and get the attention that will bring much needed change to your area!



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