CT Legislative Update for October 2017


October 27, 2017
Source: End Hunger Connecticut!

After months of a budget impasse, the CT legislature has passed a bi-partisan budget by large margins. As we look through this budget, we wanted to share some of the most pressing concerns that affect hunger in our state:

SNAP benefits: State-funded SNAP benefits, which funded SNAP for certain immigrants while acclimating to the country was completely eliminated, a change from previous policy not taking new cases but keeping those needing the benefit on the program until they could access federal SNAP. These benefits are critical funds for newly arrived individuals and families and the complete loss of these will put a greater burden on already stretched non-profit entities.

Senior and WIC Farmers Market Coupons:
Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Coupons for seniors and WIC recipients was cut approximately $15,000. These coupons help low-income seniors, pregnant women, mothers, and their young children but also our Connecticut farmers who provide the produce sold through the coupons.

Nutrition Assistance funds: A variety of food and food assistance programs funds were either cut or flat-funded. One such program, Ct-NAP funds, are a steady source of quality food for those who feed those who are unable to qualify for SNAP or other nutrition programs and are just getting by.

School Breakfast Program: A cut of 5% will be felt in our schools and have future detrimental effects. If fewer students participate in these programs their future success is impaired coupled with the loss of funds to the state through the USDA.

Healthy Food In Schools: Students in Connecticut are still assured that the food they receive at school will be healthier due continued strong funding of this program.

We will be working hard on these and other hunger issues that stem from poverty and will keep you updated!

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